Guaranteed DMARC Enforcement

Nearly 90% of all phishing attacks impersonate brands or people that their targets trust. Moreover, the hardest to detect and most damaging phishing vector is exact-domain impersonation. Without a DMARC record configured to enforcement (quarantine or reject), criminals can openly spoof your organization’s exact email domains to commit fraud against customers, partners, executives, or employees — without using malware, bad links, or infected attachments that would trigger your existing email security solutions.


100% Enforcement Guarantee

Kontex, in partnership with Valimail Enforce is the quickest, easiest, and most effective solution for eliminating this threat vector — and we are the only solution that comes with a 100% enforcement guarantee. Kontex’s platform automates the configuration and ongoing management of all critical domain authentication standards (DMARC, DKIM, and SPF). Kontex’s platform discovers and lets you easily authorize all third-party sending services allowed to send an email on your organization’s behalf, providing unrivalled visibility and control of your domain. In addition to definitively stopping all malicious senders and non-authorized cloud services (shadow IT) from sending on your domain, you’ll also benefit from improved brand and email reputation and a measured increase in email deliverability rates (10-20% on average).

Non-automated solutions offer a combination of reporting and consulting but leave the onus on the customer to perform the actual work. This leaves you in an ongoing process of manual DNS updates and configurations, trying to overcome standards limitations, mapping IP addresses to sending services/platforms with limited visibility, managing changes, and so on.

Each step comes with its own set of complexities, making the process error prone and time/resource intensive.

Without automation, the cycle of tedium repeats and organizations often fail to reach enforcement due to the risk of blocking good email.

Kontex / Valimail fully automates service identification and management of authentication controls to get organizations to DMARC enforcement in a shorter time frame, with considerably fewer staff resources, and with less risk of blocking good email than any other solution. After pointing a DMARC record to the Valimail cloud, customers never touch DNS again. All controls are managed in a single, intuitive, one-click dashboard.

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Key Benefits

  • Zero risk of blocking good email at enforcement – Eliminates exact-domain phishing to prevent BEC, wire fraud, spear-phishing, account takeovers (initiated by email), brand and executive spoofing
  • Speed and efficiency – 90% of our customers achieve enforcement within 4 months, with a median time to enforcement of 80 days.
  • No operational overhead – No manual DNS updates; automated DMARC, DKIM, & SPF configuration
  • Simple configuration – Automated discovery of 5,500+ services provides global visibility of your email ecosystem for more efficient cloud migration; one-click authorization for any discovered service
  • Brand protection & deliverability – Increases email deliverability (~10-20%) and enables distribution of your brand logo to customer, prospect, and partner inboxes