Identity Management Strategy

Identity and access management is the information security discipline that allows users access to appropriate technology resources, at the right time. It incorporates three major concepts: identification, authentication and authorization. Together, these three processes combine to ensure that specified users have the access they need to do their jobs, while unauthorised users are kept away from sensitive resources and information.
Identity Management Strategy

Program Benefits

An effective Identity Management Strategy will help an organisation facilitate secure, efficient access to technology resources across these diverse systems, while delivering several important benefits:
Consolidating authentication and authorisation functionality on a single platform will provide the client’s IT professionals with a consistent method for managing user access. When a user leaves the client’s, IT administrators may revoke their access in the centralized identity source with the confidence that this revocation will immediately take effect across all of the technology platforms integrated with that identity source.
Using a single identity source to manage all user access allows administrators to perform their work more efficiently while simplify compliance and audit requirements.
When users receive access through a centralised platform, they benefit from the use of single sign-on (SSO) technology that limits the number of interactions they have with security systems and increases the likelihood that their legitimate attempts to access resources will succeed.
Using a single identity source allows for the utilisation of enhanced security capabilities such as privileged account management, multi-factor authentication or conditional access from vendors such as Microsoft.
These benefits combine to demonstrate the importance of an effective identity and access management strategy to the modern enterprise.

Our Methodology

Kontex’s Identity Management Strategy methodology will support an organisation in the identification of services and applications using the client’s identity sources, identification of the IAM & PAM programme requirements, vendor selection, Implementation, integration and operationalisation of an effective identity management strategy.
Identity Management